It’s never been easier to speak with a medical professional at Bessemer Quick Care Clinic. Utilizing our HIPAA-compliant app, Spruce, you can skip the clinic visit and stay in the comfort of your own home. We use the app for video telemedicine visits as well as to communicate about your diagnosis, test results, prescription information, etc. If prescriptions are required, we can send ePrescriptions directly to the pharmacy of your choice.

For appointments, text 205.273.9424.

Drive-Up Testing

It’s never been easier to receive medical care when you’re sick! Based on your needs, our medical professional will determine if lab testing is required. Lab testing can be handled from the comfort of your car in a few short minutes. Here’s the process:

  1. We will tell you when to arrive for testing, where to park, and how to perform your self-collection.
  2. Park in the designated spot assigned to you.
  3. A test kit will be placed on your windshield. Grab the kit and get back in your car.
  4. Fill out the paperwork. Fold the paperwork and place it into the back pocket of one of the specimen bags.
  5. Open the plastic wrapper surrounding the swab. Swab the inside of one of your nostrils and swirl in a complete circle at least three times. Switch sides and do the same in your other nostril.
  6. Place the swab all to way inside of the tube. Bend the swab in the middle until it breaks. Replace the lid and close tightly, making sure the tube does not leak.
  7. Place the tube inside the same specimen bag that contains the paperwork and seal the bag.
  8. Place the first specimen bag containing the paperwork and sample inside the second specimen bag and seal the bag.
  9. Place the closed specimen bag on your windshield and our technician will collect the bag shortly.
  10. Once the bag has been collected you are free to leave. We will contact you through the Spruce app within 48 hours (time subject to change) with your test results.
Drive-Up Testing Process Video